Meet wedding photography duo Tyler and Amanda Mask.

Unmasked Moments Photography is located in the Dallas Fort Worth area and is composed of a husband and wife team, Tyler Ray and Amanda Rae Mask. When the two aren’t working, they can be found relaxing in their home in Weatherford with their dogs, Sneakers and Zip.



About Tyler:

Tyler has always had a love for the arts. He was privately trained by multiple artists as a child, mainly in oil painting. His love for photography began in junior high when he bought his first digital camera. Before attending college, he received a Canon Rebel as a graduation gift but didn’t put it to much use, as he was starting to burn out on art altogether. During his junior year, he had to take a course revolving around Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a result, he dropped $2,500 on some semi-pro photography gear — a huge investment for a poor college kid. Since then, his arsenal of equipment has evolved, partly to produce the best photographs possible and partly because he might be addicted to expensive technology. His wife is starting to think it is only the latter. He has a degree in English and worked as a professional journalist for approximately two years before becoming a full-time photographer.

About Amanda:

As an elementary school teacher, Amanda has always been creative. She calls herself a hopeless romantic. She adores sweet love stories, movies, but most of all seeing two people in love. She lives her mushy, gushy love story with Tyler everyday. After she married Tyler, she followed him on several photoshoots. During that time, she realized she had an eye for photography. She quickly picked up a camera and began learning the trade. Before long, Tyler asked her to join him on a wedding as a second photographer. And you guessed it, he decided he couldn’t do it without her.

Together, the two love making art.